Oh, You Don’t Like Sports? No One Cares

Whenever there’s a big day in sports, there’s two reactions from opposite sides of the spectrum on social media. You get the sports fans who are understandably excited about their team or even just the event, and they want to talk about it. But then, you get he butthurt killjoys who can’t let go of the fact that people are openly enjoying something they don’t like.

This latter point often manifests in snide posts on Twitter and Facebook along the lines of “Obligatory Football comment,” “How ’bout that local sports team!” “Go sports! Get all the points!” and other similarly spiteful comments.


As a sports fan, I get it; we can be obnoxious. And if everyone is getting all jacked up on something you don’t appreciate, it can be a little alienating. But it’s not like someone has a gun to your head. You can just keep scrolling through your Twitter feed or Facebook wall. Why do you have to try and kill everyone’s buzz or belittle something others get a lot of fun out of? That’s lame, homie.

Also, you’re not clever. You probably think you’re really irreverent and counter-culture by doing some pretentious pseudo-deconstruction of a trend by seemingly reducing it to its rudiments. Really, you’re just a smug douchebag with a huge stick up your ass.

So, how about on Super Bowl Sunday, you spare everyone your bullshit and watch the latest Joss Whedon feature and shut the fuck up.





~ by braddunne on January 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “Oh, You Don’t Like Sports? No One Cares”

  1. Brad, I think you’re 100 % spot on with your comments.

    But how about the “wagon-jumpers”? I’d like to read your thoughts on fans who say “We’re doing great this year and we’re gonna win the cup”, but when their team loses a few games it’s “THEY suck”. Those are the fans that piss me off.

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