The Clothes Make the Man: thoughts on the new Iron Man 3 trailer

A week ago, I said I would take a break from the 30 Day Television Challenge because I wanted to focus on some other projects. One of them being a post on the upcoming American election. I said I would like to have something written by today. However I am struggling to find my voice on the subject. What I want to write seems like it may become large and unwieldy. Honestly, it strikes me as something larger than which I’m willing to commit.

We’ll see.

Presently, breaking up the monotony of research and work on other projects, I want to say a few things about the new Iron Man 3 trailer.

I’m a big fan of the first Iron Man. The performances (Robert Downey Jr, obviously) and direction were brilliant. It managed to achieve something many comic book movies strive towards but rarely achieve: an exciting action movie with a plot containing serious subject matter mixed with a sense of levity.

Iron Man was grounded by a very weighty story about POWs, insurgents in Afghanistan, and the question of arms dealing. However, it was executed with a touch of humor by virtue of Downey Jr.’s performance and Jon Favreau’s direction.

Unfortunately, Iron Man 2 swung the pendulum to far towards the direction of frivolity. Instead of focusing on a dramatic narrative with a hint of comedy, it pushed comedy to the forefront. It was trying to be fun but had forgotten how had it managed to be fun in the first place.

The new Iron Man 3 trailer suggests we may see a return to form. Let’s have a look:

Tony seems to be suffering from PTSD following the events of The Avengers. He is then attacked by the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley. Like The Dark Knight Rises, our hero’s armory is destroyed/appropriated by the antagonist and used against him. Tony is left in a similar position as he was when he first engineered the suit: building it in a cave with a bunch of scraps!

This is exciting because it seems to be shooting  for a synthesis of the first two, focusing on Tony’s ingenuity and survival instincts we see in the first with a larger, more global scope.

Mostly, it seems to be returning the formula of the first Iron Man. Iron Man 3 seems to want to look more seriously at Tony as a character and truly analyze the consequences of his life as a super-hero.

Also, doing some quick reading, it is confirmed Iron Man 3 will integrate the Extremis storyline. Of course, Extremis‘ origin story for Iron Man was used in the first film, so this will be slightly different. Here’s my guess for what the plot will look like:

Killian, played by Guy Pearce, has developed the Extremis “virus”. This presents an opportunity for Tony to be rid of the chest piece and give him a permanent solution for his heart condition. Conversely, the Mandarin wants to use it for mass distribution, bringing about a new world order. Likewise, the Mandarin’s new world is without heroes, so he seeks to eliminate Tony. Mandarin attacks Tony, destroying his home and various suits, leaving him all but dead. Tony, however, knows the Extremis virus is compatible only with a certain genetic code, killing whomever doesn’t fit. The precise code represents a small fraction of the world’s population, so the Mandarin is in danger of killing nearly everybody on earth. Tony must somehow engineer a new suit with limited resources to defeat Mandarin.

Anyway, it looks good.

This coming Tuesday I’ll either have a post about the American election or I’ll be continuing the TV challenge.



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